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Vehicle Leasing from Alan Milne, Elgin, from £24 per week.

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We pride ourselves in the ability to source the best finance package for you.

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The Benefits of Registering your Company with our Business Centre Include:

  • Greater increased terms should you ever require to purchase a vehicle from our dealership, although no purchase is necessary for registration.
  • Vehicle packages, tailored to suit from only £24 + VAT per week .
  • Full After Sales care including service and MOT's.
  • Free hotline number in case of accident and emergency.
  • Advice on economising your motoring costs, such as reducing waste, reducing emissions, all whilst safeguarding the environment.

Finance Glossary

We have thrown away the jargon book and listed below the information to assist your business purchase.

APR (Annual percentage rate) is a standard method of calculating the total/full cost of charges to you. The total cost of charges are calculated by adding the interest charge and other charges such as documentation fees on the finance. You should use the APR to compare the cost of different finance options, although lease agreements will not show an APR.

Credit Scoring/ Rating - a finance scoring system used by companies to help decide how much finance to make available to you.

Balloon/Final Payment - a one-off final payment made by you at the end of some agreements. It will reduce your monthly payment as you are paying interest on the full balance but only financing the difference between the capital outlay and the final payment.

Flat rate is the base interest rate charged on the finance. Dealers will sometimes quote a monthly or annual flat rate but if you ask for the APR, this is a more accurate and true cost of the finance.

Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) - it is the lowest value that your car is guaranteed to be worth down the line at the end of your finance agreement.

Residual value is the value of your car at the end of the finance agreement, taking age and mileage into consideration. This may not be guaranteed but depends on the terms of your agreement.

Total amount payable is the total cost of the finance, including charges and any interest. This is a good way in our opinion to compare the deal you have been offered against other types of motor finance.

Contract Hire Benefits

Uncomplicated and flexible

Alan Milne's Contract Hire option makes managing your budgeted outgoings easy with regular fixed rentals and no fleet depreciation to worry about. You can concentrate on your business without worrying about your cars and or vans contract hire agreements.

Contract Hire Agreements Include:

  • Fixed rentals for the life of the agreement based on the mileage you choose.
  • Pay monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or annually, just any way that suits your business.
  • Contracts available from one to four years.
  • Vehicle Road Tax and Assistance included in your monthly payments for the duration of the agreement.
  • Off Balance Sheet funding.
  • Rentals can be offset against taxable profits.
  • VAT is recoverable on rentals (100% for commercial vehicles and 50% for cars where private use is allowed).
  • At the end of the agreement simply return the vehicle to us and, providing your mileage is within the agreed limits and the vehicle has experienced normal wear and tear, you can walk away, but we think you'll be back!

To find out more about the benefits and options of Alan Milne Contract Hire, call our sales department on 01343 542254,

or make your business finance enquiry now!

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