Don't get caught out this winter

Winter tyres improve safety in rain, slush, ice and snow conditions.

Don't drive this winter without winter tyres!

  • Only winter tyres are designed to excel in colder temperatures, rain, slush, ice and snow.
  • Winter Tyre tread patterns are specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures (below 7°C)
  • Winter tyres use a special rubber compound with high silica content.
  • Winter tyres offer excellent braking and traction performance on snow and ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions.

Why we recommend our winter tyre packages!

  • Save on fitting costs each time you need to change your tyres.
  • You receive the wheels & tyres fully fitted and balanced.
  • Huge savings on all wheel & snow tyre packages.
  • Preserve the life of your summer wheels & tyres.

Standard Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Standard tyres provide excellent traction in high temperatures and good weather conditions. As the temperatures and weather conditions deteriorate towards winter, the traction and performance of standard tyres start to fall.

Winter tyres provide more small tread areas, increasing traction on snow and in wet conditions, allowing better grip and water to escape from under the tyre more easily. It is highly beneficial to be on the correct type of tyre at the correct time of year.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });