Alan Milne Accident Repair & Bodyshop Elgin

If you have an accident, you don’t always appear to have the choice of where your car gets repaired. Your insurer will choose the repair centre and quality of repair won’t always be a priority to them.

Sometimes cost becomes the overriding factor and quality sometimes takes a back seat. What you have to remember is that it’s your car so it should be your choice.

The main priority is that you are safe and the car gets repaired to original standard. Make sure you demand this and you ask the question "are genuine parts being used to repair my car".

Manufacture Approved Repair Centres

We would recommend that you take your vehicle to the manufacturers approved repair centres who have been chosen because of their professionalism and quality of repair. By doing this you can restore your car to its former glory.

Original Equipment Parts

When you choose an approved centre the guarantee to use only Original Equipment Parts fitted with the unrivalled expertise of specially trained technicians. Nobody is better placed to make your car as good as new.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, make sure you get it recovered to one of our approved paint centres. We guarantee they will look after you throughout the repair process.

Bodyshop Locations:

Our Manufacturer Approved Body Repair Centres are currently:-

- Ashgrove Motor Body, Elgin
- Ashgrove Motor Body , Aberdeen

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