Full New R1234YF & R134A Air-Conditioning Diagnostics and Servicing

Alan Milne now provide full air-conditioning diagnostics and servicing on both R1234YF gas and R134A gas refrigerants.

The NEW R1234YF refrigerant has a global warming potential of just 4, providing substantially lower direct greenhouse gas emissions than R134A systems.

The Benefits of Air-Conditioning Diagnostics and Servicing

  • Provides efficient cool air in the summer.
  • Provides warm dehumidified air in the winter.
  • Easily demists steamed up car windows.
  • Filters pollutants and airborne particles in your car.
  • Help drivers and passengers who have allergies.
  • Provides a pleasant and odour free environment.
  • Prevents fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core.
  • Prevent your air-conditioning seals from drying up.
  • Ensures your system is full of refrigerant.
  • Ensures there are no leaks.
  • Ensures the pressure is correct.
  • Ensures your system is in full working order.

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